Our Team Last update 8 months ago

Muhammad Abubakar (Founder/ CEO)

Hello there art rebels! I'm Muhammad Abubakar, the firecracker and proud "intentional drop-out" behind Puchick, the game-changing webspace for local artists in Pakistan! I'm on a mission to revolutionize the way local artists showcase and sell their artwork. I'm all about creating a platform that celebrates creativity, empowers artists, and challenges the norms of the existing marketplace.


Muzammil Hussain (CFO)

Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts! I'm Muzammil. As the CFO of Puchick, I bring my tech-savvy skills to the table, making sure our financials are in tip-top shape so that artists can focus on unleashing their creative genius. From budgeting to financial planning, I keep the numbers game strong, ensuring Puchick's success.


Nouman Hussain (General Manager)

Hey there, I'm General Manager at Puchick, the hippest virtual webspace for artists in Pakistan! With my diverse background in corporate, banking, and market knowledge, I bring a unique blend of business savvy and artistic flair to our team.


Qalbe-Mujtaba (Producer)

Hey there! I'm Qalbe-Mujtaba. I'm all about that classic cinema vibe, with a love for history books that transport me to different eras. You'll find me immersed in my introverted world, crafting awesome digital experiences for artists to showcase their creative genius!


Saman Shafiq (Team Lead - Ambassdor Wing)

I'm Saman, a Plant Pathology graduate with a passion for spreading goodwill and positivity! I like connecting with others and building meaningful relationships. My love for bringing people together has led me to become the team lead of the Goodwill Ambassador program at Puchick, a company that's all about spreading positivity and making a difference in people's lives.


Muafia Ghulam Ali (Team Lead - Post Production)

Hey! I'm Muafia, Chief Magician of Post-Production at Puchick. I'm all about creating visual wizardry through my mad skills in video making, taking art to the next level in the digital realm. I'm always seeking new inspiration and infusing it into my creative work.


Malik Muhammad Faisal Kalwar (Legal Advisor)

I'm Malik Muhammad Faisal Kalwar, your friendly neighborhood corporate lawyer and a legal whiz at Puchick. As the legal advisor for Puchick, I'm all about making sure our virtual webspace is a safe and creative hub for artists to thrive.